Summertime Memories: The Nichols Family

As the summer dwindled down, the sun sets lower and rises a little later. For one family, it was the start of a new adventure here in the Pacific Northwest. Relocating from sunny Florida, the Nichols family found themselves on Lake Sammamish in a new home not yet outfitted and ready for holiday parties, but a place with water and peace of mind. 

I met Maggie during my Military Women series and she was one of the first Coast Guard women to participate. Her story will go up one day soon I hope. She asked me if I photographed families and if she could book me. Which I happily agreed to. Originally we were going to shoot downtown Seattle but two little ones and a short timeline to make it to a big event constrained times. Instead, I drove early to Lake Sammamish home to photograph them in their own home environment where the kids were happy to be. 

What followed was a lot of fun for a family living on the water and enjoying a private dock. I captured them jumping off the dock together and the laughter of the little one as he practiced his jump. Lots of fun, lots of splashing in the water, and cool acrobatics made for an awesome morning photoshoot. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, Nichols family! 

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