Rainy Weather, Hunter boots, and the Dickinson Family

Rainy Weather, Hunter boots, and the Dickinson Family

Rainy weather is the norm in the Pacific Northwest. During the winter, it's a rare occasion when we see the sun. So when Kendra called and said, "Hey! All of my children are going to be in town this weekend, can we do a family shoot?" naturally, I said "let's go for it!." Rain doesn't stop us nor slow us down. It's part of life up here. The moodiness of the skies coupled with walking around the historic downtown Pacific Avenue and across the Chihuly glass bridge to the Foss Waterway made for an interesting backdrop. I love when people visit the Chihuly glass bridge for the first time and then see the downtown Foss waterway. It's such a unique place to be even in the rain.

Despite the rain, nothing could dampen the smiles of a happy family celebrating Thanksgiving together with girlfriends and boyfriends in tow. Kendra's wish was to make sure I captured all the kids and the boots! Happy to oblige! 

I'm happy to have been the Dickinson Family's 2017 photographer. See below to see their family memories. 

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