jenn mcintyre portraits

Creating for the Sake of Creating

It’s been a while since I created artwork that wasn’t centered around giving something for free.

I used to love being an artist. I had amazing mentors, especially Ms. Delio. She was hard; she critiqued your work closely. She pushed you hard by not coddling your artwork. She was every artist’s favorite teacher. Because she cared about your creative expansion and exploration. She tolerated nothing less.

I created with pen and paper, chalk, ink - all the things that made messes. None of this technological type art -it was all about the original mediums.

Somewhere I picked up a camera.

That led to wanting to make money from my artistic eye. Creating because I loved the idea of creating great portraiture work, because my friends loved it. The disappointing part of business is finding people that want something for you, but at their estimated value - they put their values upon you and made me feel like shit about my work. The value of my work was dependent upon someone could find comparatively on a google/Yelp search for “photographer.” Skill doesn’t matter and apparently, neither does the art. I never understood how someone could grow to an adult and want something for free when they were the recipient of a service.

It made me hate picking up the camera. It was just something I now pulled out when I thought the price was right. It was never right for some.

When did I stop creating work for the sake of creating beautiful art work?

This set breathes new life into the thought that I just want to create work for the sake of creating artwork. To be visually valued and visually interesting. Not for clients that don’t want to pay or models that want stuff for free.

But for the artists and the lover of the arts.

My beautiful friend, Anya, in all her simplicity and gorgeousness. No fanfare, no makeup.