What does a photograph mean to you?

What does a photograph mean to you? 

Is it a thousand words or a moment in time to be remembered? 

A long time ago, I never found myself in photographs as a young woman. There’s hardly a time where I put myself into photographs or willingly allowed a photographer to capture me as I truly am. It changed when I was 29 years old - a year of drastic changes in my life and new futures ahead of me. 

I allowed myself to exist in photos to remember and to share in the memory, the moment, the thousands of words that may go unsaid at this point in time. 

To capture one’s personal moment, it requires trust and belief in the art created by the person behind the lens. We will laugh a lot and share some awkward moments, bringing us closer as friends and humans, because I want you to remember this moment in time where you feel the most beautiful, the strongest, and the most proud. 

Remember yourself, remember your family and loved ones. These are the memories we will cherish for generations to come. 

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